Are Beach Bonfires Allowed in Lee County, Florida?

Campfires are allowed on the beach every day starting at 5 PM in Lee County, Florida. All campfires require a beach fire permit issued by the Sanibel Fire Rescue District. Beach campfire permits allow residents and visitors to enjoy beach bonfires within Sanibel city limits. Permits are only issued from November 1 to February 14 each year, to ensure a safe nesting season for shorebirds and local sea turtles.

Payment is only accepted in cash or by check. Permits will only be issued to the person who is present at the time of authorization. A valid photo ID, a legal local and physical address, and a telephone number are required before receiving the permit. The permit entitles the applicant to burn only on the date and place indicated on the permit and only for the reason indicated, until midnight.

Permits are issued a maximum of 10 days before the date of the beach campfire permit and a minimum of 2 days before. No permit will be issued on the same day of the burning. Beach campfire permits are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Permits are limited to staff levels; in case we have to close permits on certain days, we will notify the public when they contact the station. A responsible adult who is at least 21 years old must be present at all times during the campfire.

A copy of this permit must be at the campfire site at all times. It is the applicant's responsibility to clear the fire area of any and all debris and garbage from the fire, making sure to restore the area to its original natural state. A “campfire” must be no more than 3 feet in diameter and must be at least 30 feet away from any structure or wooded area. If, for any reason, the Sanibel Fire Rescue District cancels your fire permit, all payments will be reimbursed to the applicant. The next day, after the dated permit for beach campfires, qualified fire personnel will conduct an inspection of the campfire before issuing a refund.

Once the site is determined to be “clean”, fire personnel will inform the applicant about the reimbursement. In the event that the site is not clean after the inspection, the cleaning tank fee will be deposited and appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that the area returns to its natural state. The permit for beach campfires is a separate authorization from the Outdoor Burning Regulation and should not be considered as one and same. All beaches within Sanibel city limits are public and this permit is required for any beach area within these limits. As one of Florida's most beautiful beaches, Panama City Beach offers plenty of activities for visitors of all ages. From swimming, surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and diving along its 27 miles of alabaster sand to hiking or biking along St.

Joseph Bay trails or birdwatching in its migratory stop for birds, there's something for everyone here. An unforgettable trip to Shell Island will delight you with bottlenose dolphins and shell treasures while a visit to Daytona International Speedway will give you an adrenaline rush with its famous Daytona 500 car race. Then take a walk along any beach in Florida for an experience you can't find anywhere else. Lee County Parks & Recreation (LCPR) does not offer camps during winter holidays but does offer spring break, summer camps, and fun days when school is out. Gas grills are allowed at any LCPR site that already has a grill permanently installed in place but fryers are not allowed. Adult leagues are not offered by LCPR but can be found through YMCA at 239-275-9622 if you're interested in softball or flag football.

Fire (bonfires, candles, torches) and other potentially harmful objects (petals, rice, etc.) are not allowed on beaches in order to protect our environment and fragile beach ecosystem. Camping is not allowed on any Parks & Recreation beach; however, our only campground is located in Caloosahatchee Regional Park. Tents up to 10 feet x 10 feet are allowed provided that they can be easily removed and are freestanding; nothing can be linked to vegetation or other structures. All parks are open to public so there may be passers-by watching your special moment from afar but they'll respect it nonetheless. Trailers must be connected to their respective towing vehicle. Tripping is an excellent resource for vacation rental search engine where you can compare top rental sites at once to get best deal on your next trip with more than 12 MILLION vacation homes and short-term rentals available.

Walton County provides firewood, roasting sticks, chairs, cocktail tables, serving tables as well as preparation and cleaning services with full access to all public beaches. Volusia County Beach Safety Division offers free fire rings on a first-come, first-served basis while Florida Panhandle's secluded beaches provide perfect spot for intimate sunset strolls and romantic bonfires with variety of daytime activities so whole family can have fun here. Joseph Bay and Gulf of Mexico also offer beaches that allow bonfires without a permit while Treasure Coast's sleepy coastal towns should not be missed by anyone exploring Florida.

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