Experience the Best of Lee County, Florida This Summer

Lee County, Florida is a great destination for summer fun. From the majestic manatees of Manatee Park to the art and culture of ArtFest and the Faces of Pace Celebration & Gala, there's something for everyone. Manatee Park is a non-captive warm-water shelter for the Florida manatee. The best time to observe these majestic creatures is during the end of December, January and February, when the temperature of the Gulf is below 68°F.

Unfortunately, manatees are not present during the hot summer months. To check the current temperature of the Gulf, you can visit SCCF Recon. On the first weekend of February, ArtFest takes place at the Fort Myers waterfront. This event features exceptional artworks made in the USA, with more than 200 artists showcasing their work.

Whether you're a new art enthusiast or an experienced collector, you'll find something special to add to your personal collection. Lee County will host its Faces of Pace Celebration & Gala on Saturday, October 8 at the Caloosa Sound Convention Center. The gala will include dinner, dancing and live music by the Bay Kings Band, as well as a performance by the Southwest Florida Symphony. The Symphony is the only professional orchestra in Lee County and the fourth oldest orchestra in the state. Lee County Manatee Park provides information and programming for more than 200,000 visitors a year. Local residents volunteer as interpretive naturalists, trained in part by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. So if you're looking for a great summer destination with plenty of activities and attractions, Lee County is an excellent choice.

From manatees to art festivals to symphony performances, there's something for everyone in this beautiful part of Florida.

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