Exploring the Best Beach Events in Lee County, Florida

Lee County, Florida is a popular destination for beachgoers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With its sunny weather and beautiful beaches, it's no wonder that Southwest Florida is one of the most visited places in the state. From festivals and events to kayaking and swimming, there are plenty of activities to enjoy during the spring season. One of the most popular events is ArtFest, an annual three-day festival held in February.

This highly acclaimed event raises funds for art classes at local schools and is free to attend. Another great event is the sunset celebration in Fort Myers Beach, where visitors can watch the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico. For those looking for a more adventurous experience, Lee County Manatee Park is a great place to visit. This 17-acre park provides a safe haven for manatees during the winter months and offers kayaking opportunities from its pier.

Beachgoers can also explore some of the best beaches in the country at Captiva Beach (14770 Captiva Dr) or Lighthouse Beach Park (10 Periwinkle Way) on Sanibel Island. Bowman's Beach (1700 Bowmans Beach Rd) is also a great spot for swimming and shelling. In addition to these activities, Lee County also offers excellent public transportation options such as the Fort Myers Beach streetcar and LeeTran buses. From July 10 to 14, DOT contractors will be cleaning up hurricane debris, so access to the beach will be closed but the pier for kayaks will remain open. The Friends are sponsoring a free event at 10 a.m., so be sure to submit the form on their contact page or contact them using one of the methods listed below.

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