Explore the Best Beaches in Lee County, Florida for Adults and Seniors

Lee County, Florida is a stunning destination for adults and seniors looking to enjoy the sun and sand. Located on the southern tip of Sanibel Island, visitors can take in the century-old lighthouse while enjoying a picnic, strolling along the beach, or fishing on the pier. Parking is available for an additional fee per hour. Nestled between Captiva and Sanibel Islands, this picturesque beach is an ideal spot for bombing and a great place to watch the sunsets of the west coast.

Limited parking is available for an additional fee per hour. Handicapped parking on level ground; no disabled restrooms available. Situated just off Casa Ybel Street on Sanibel Island, this beach offers swimming pools, picnics, and restrooms. Located along the Sanibel-Captiva Highway, on the west end of Sanibel Island, this beach, owned and maintained by the city, provides a perfect bombing experience. With this selection of the best beaches in Fort Myers, Florida, explore the best places you or a loved one can go to enjoy the sun and sand. If you come in March when spring break is in full swing, you will find a younger and more active crowd.

Sunbathing, swimming, and building sandcastles are just some of the beach activities you can do. Located in the Gulf of Mexico, mild weather is almost guaranteed even in wintertime and its beaches have wonderful stretches of sand. Head to the Fort Myers Beach Fishing Pier located in front of Times Square to enjoy the most vibrant strip of sand in Fort Myers Beach. Lee County property taxes must be paid annually and there is a discount if the tax bill is paid early. This is one of the few beaches in Fort Myers that allows dogs on leashes making it a favorite spot for dog lovers and their canine companions.

If you're interested in receiving home care for yourself or someone in your family, Affordable Senior Home Care is ready to answer your questions. When deciding where to live in Fort Myers consider how close you want to be to the beach whether it's important to be in a gated community and what type of services you want to have within easy reach. And if you're looking for new fun activities for seniors in Lee and Collier Counties, Florida you can find them here too. The city is located on Florida's Gulf of Mexico coast in Lee County and its population has grown steadily over the past 10 years. Consider exploring nearby nature preserves boardwalks and parks; for specific recommendations contact the Lee County Parks Department.

In addition, the Lee County Park District serves Fort Myers area and offers activities for elderly that take place both outside and inside. Head to Sanibel Island and stop at one of Causeway Island's two beaches for a totally different beach experience. In the green areas there are picnic tables and charcoal grills making it an excellent place to have a picnic on the beach.

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